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Books that I have authored ou co-authored or those for which I have assumed the direction of the collective or been part of a collective of less than 10 authors.

The cost is very reasonnable and excludes postage.

I'll let you know

Not much has happened in my literary life on the English side... since my Presentation for Haiku Canada Week End in Ottawa in May 2014. If something happens, I'll let you know.

Free reading but the reproduction...

All texts* on this Web site, signed by Janick Belleau, are available to Internauts... as long as, in all reproduction, written or verbal, the name of the author and the source are quoted.

* The word "texts" comprises feature articles, reviews, interviews, presentations, poems, prose, etc.

Note written on November 8, 2016 but applicable for all texts.

Stepping down from Editorial Team, Gusts Tanka Canada

Since beginning of 2014 (issue 19), JB was a member of the Editorial Team of Gusts Tanka Canada, journal edited by poetess from Vancouver, Kozue UZAWA.

This Canada's First English Tanka Journal is a biannual publication. To visit the site, please click on Gusts Tanka Canada

New info: My last assignment, before stepping down, ended five years later with the issue 28.

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Trois feuilles sur la treille Haïku
Belleau, Duteil, Mérabet
10 $

to love you, to travel - haiku & tanka ($600 or reasonable offer)
Bilingual artist book
600 $

of souls and wings - d'âmes et d'ailes
Bilingual collection Tanka
15 $

L’en-dehors du désir
Short poems
5 $

Humeur… Sensibility… Alma…
Short poems
5 $

Revue Arcade 64, L’instant
1 article Haiku Collective
5 $

L’érotique poème court / haïku
Coeditor Collective
10 $

Regards de femmes – haïkus francophones
Editor Collective
20 $

Sortir de l’ombre
1 short story Collective
5 $


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