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2012. Take Five - Best contemporary tanka , vol. 4, 2011

JB coeditor of Take Five - Best contemporary tanka, volume 4, 2011 along with tanka colleagues Patricia Prime (N.-Z.), Magdalena Dale (Romania), Amelia Fielden (AUS/JP), Claire Everett (UK), Owen Bullock (N.-Z.), David Terelinck (AUS) and David Rice (U.S.). Anthology directed by M. Kei (U.S.).

Task: The editorial team read, nominated and selected tanka published in English, in 2011, around the world… which amounts to nearly 18 000 tanka. Only 380 of them have made it in the anthology among them one finds many poets from English and French Canada.

The anthology was published in May 2012.

2011. T’aimer, voyager / To love you, to travel

Bilingual artist book (hand made) comprising 62 haiku and tanka by JB ; concept and 17 illustrations by Claire Dufresne.

Limited edition of eight copies numbered and signed by the artist and the poet.

ISBN : 978-2-9812573-0-7 ; legal deposit: July 2011

Copies in the Conservation Collection at the Bibliothèque & Archives nationales du Québec in Montréal and at Library & Archives Canada in Ottawa.

Towards the end of November 2011, one may consult a copy of the book on site in the Diffusion Collection in the BAnQ in Montréal located at 2275 Holt Street.

Click here to see the Cover and the case T'aimer,voyager, To love you, to travel; Production Sheet in French

For more of Claire Dufresne’s art books and sculpture-books, please visit her bilingual gallery-workshop: Claire Dufresne Ming Virtual Gallery

2011. One Bilingual Tanka in Atlas Poetica

Special Feature: 25 Canadian Tanka Poets, including JB, in French and English. Introduced by the Editor, Aurora Antonovic

To read all of the authors of the short poems, please, click here 25 Canadian Tanka Poets

JB's contribution:

Feuilles vert tendre
dans l’érable un cardinal
ta main dans mes cheveux
chassant mes tristes pensées

leaves of tender green
in the maple a cardinal
your hand in my hair
chasing away my sad thoughts

2010. Three Bilingual Tanka in Atlas Poetica 7, 2010

Atlas Poetica 7. Keibooks, US. Autumn 2010; 3 bilingual tanka (Français, English; one, also in Innu translated by Yvette Mollen) pp. 15-16

2010. D’âmes et d’ailes/of souls and wings

This bilingual collection, a suite in seven movements containing 91 poems, deals with themes dear to tanka – a Japanese poem of 31 syllables (5-7-5-7-7) arranged, in the West, on five lines: love, family, friendship, travel, aging, loneliness, the beyond. The parallels between the cycles of Nature and life are constant.

With sensitivity, tenderness and sincerity, Janick shares a Life’s journey similar to that of many contemporary women.

of souls and wings is introduced with a HERstory of tanka since the 9th century. Ten poetesses and two women translators are honoured: in ancient Japan, from the era of Heian-kyō (794-1185): Ono no Komachi, Michitsuna’s Mother, Sei Shōnagon, Murasaki Shikibu, and Izumi Shikibu; and from the era of Kamakura (1185-1335): Abutsu-ni.
From 20th c.: Yosano Akiko from Japan; Judith Gautier and Kikou Yamata, two translators from France.
Then, the first French-language tanka poetess, Jehanne Grandjean (1880-1982).
Finally, two contemporary poetesses from Japan, Tawara Machi and Mayu.

Cover: D’âmes et d’ailes/of souls and wings

Published in both English and French, by Éditions du tanka francophone

To order, please click on the « Order form » section of this Web site.

To read what the « English Media » have to say about this collection, point the cursor to the top of the page then, click.

I invite you to read the Overview of «Tanka by Women since the 9th century» in «Feature Articles» of this same «Tanka» section

As of November 2012, Janick recovered 100% of her copyright for this bilingual collection.

A copy of this book may be found in The British Library, London; Section of Western European Languages Acquisitions, South Floor 2.

2003. Humeur… Sensibility… Alma… – haiku / tanka.

Please, read the details in the Sappho section.

To read what the « English Media » have to say about this collection, point the cursor to the top of the page then, click

feature articles

2018. Tanka por mujeres desde el siglo IX by Janick Belleau

Translation in Spanish of my essay in my collection d’Âmes et d’Ailes / of Souls and Wings, 2010, « HERstory of tanka since the 9th century » published in the quarterhly Hojas en la Acera (HELA) 37, marzo (march 2018)

Tanka por mujeres desde el siglo IX by Janick Belleau,
Traducción de Leticia Sicilia, páginas 31-43

Por Leer solamente el artículo, click Tanka por mujeres desde el siglo IX Janick Belleau Leticia Sicilia Hojas en la acera

Por Descargar el Nº 37, click : Tanka por mujeres desde el siglo IX Janick Belleau Leticia Sicilia Hojas en la acera

2014. Tanka in French - Overview 1871-2013

Bilingual feature article published in the US tanka journal, Atlas Poetica in its issue 17, Spring 2014: an overview of tanka in French.

This article, in six sections, deals with a few literary personalities who, since 1871, translated, wrote or published tanka in French. For clarity, the historical overview approximates chronology. Writers and poets are presented in terms of their noteworthy accomplishments in the realm of Japanese-inspired poetry, and I on occasion provide my own impressions of their work. Also cited are tanka I find especially resonant. I conclude with an eye to the future.

To read and stay on this site, Tanka in French - Overview 1871-2013 - Janick Belleau

To read it en français, please go to the French side of this web site, click on «Tanka» then look for «Articles» published in the Revue du tanka francophone, juin 2014.

2014. Summary of talk in The Tanka Journal, Spring 2014

After my talk on October 23, 2013, members of the Nihon Kajin Club (the Japan Tanka Poets' Society) suggested that a summary of it should appear in their Journal. At one condition: it could not be longer than 2 pages. My talk became, so to speak, a list of the main events pertaining to tanka since its inception in French Canada - that is from 1922-2013. I am honoured that French Canadian poets have a window in a well respected Japanese tanka journal. Many thanks to Aya Yuhki, editor in chief

To read French Canadian poets, Tanka Journal no 44 (Spring 2014) pp. 2-3

2012. Chiaroscuro - LGBT Tanka

J.B. edited and introduced a Special Feature on the on-line contemporary tanka journal from the US, Atlas Poetica.

25 poets from 9 different countries were selected to be part of this collective work on the theme of LGBT. The feature includes Biographical Sketches of the poets.

To read the on-line issue, please click LGBT Tanka Chiaroscuro edited & introduced by Janick Belleau

2011. Tanka by Women since the 9th century

Overview preceeding Janick Belleau’s bilingual collection, D’âmes et d’ailes / of souls and wings – Canada-Japan Literary Award, 2010

Translation from French by Maxianne Berger

To read, please click Tanka by Women since Heian - Janick Belleau

2009. On Waka Translation in French

A series of three articles by JB for the Revue du tanka francophone pertaining to the translation of waka / tanka from Japanese into French at the beginning of the XXth century in France:

1st article is related to Judith Gautier and Kikou Yamata’s lifes as women writers. They both translated tanka books from Japan.

2nd article is a review of Kikou Yamata’s book «Sur des lèvres japonaises» («On Japanese Lips» in English). The review is about tanka poets translated by Kikou – among them, Ki no Tsurayuki, Lady Ise, Izumi Shikibu, Akiko Yosano.

3rd article is a comparative study of the translations of «Genji monogatari» (The Tales of Genji); one by Kikou Yamata (1928) and the other by Rene Sieffert (1988). The study concentrates on the nine first chapters (out of 54) of the masterpiece written in the Xth c. by Lady Murasaki Shikibu, the first novel ever written in the world.

2008. (Numeros 4 & 5) & 2009. (Numero 7) Articles to be read in French by clicking the link above

2007. Contributor since 2007

Regular contributor to the only literary paper magazine dedicated to Tanka in French (ancestor of Haiku). Articles focus on some of the greatest Japanese poetesses of the Heian period (794-1185) such as Ono no Komachi and Shikibu Murasaki; and on some of the best XXth century poetesses such as YOSANO Akiko and TAWARA Machi.

To read an article about Ono no Komachi by JB, please click Revue du tanka francophone ; then, go to Numero 1.


2013. Tanka in French Canada

Informal talk to members of the Nihon Kajin Club (the Japan Tanka Poets' Society) in Tokyo.

Subject: Tanka in Quebec (French Canada)

Before the talk, there was a visit to some temples and sanctuaries in the Meguro area followed by an intimate luncheon.

Many thanks to the coorganisers Ruri Hazama and Aya Yuhki