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Longueuil, a private pond


2020, November 15, 15 h 00.
Ottawa’s International Poetry Festival 2020
Festival international de poésie d’Ottawa VERSEFEST 2020

Virtual public reading – due to pandemic Covid-19. Recorded by VerseFest.

Many thanks to Claudia Coutu Radmore and Pearl Pirie from Haiku group, kado ottawa, for extending the invitation.

For my bilingual reading, click on Reading Tanka Haïku with Janick Belleau

Presentation (from 2 min 49) and Reading from 6 min. 50 up to 19 min.

To follow, text in hand, click on Tanka Haiku Janick Belleau 2020

2014, May 15-17.
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.
Annual Weekend of Haiku Canada. Many présentations and workshops and book launchings. To see the Agenda, 2014 Haiku Canada Ottawa Agenda

Among the activities: JB's presentation - Haiku in French Canada: adapted Japanese-style or somewhat free-style? The views of four respected haiku poets (André Duhaime, Jeanne Painchaud, Micheline Beaudry, Francine Chicoine), and a tentative definition of haiku outside of Japan

To read the presentation on this site, please click section HAIKU then go to the sub-section Presentations.

2013, October 24.
Shiodome Hall, Tokyo
250th anniversary of KOBAYASHI Issa's birthday.

Concert by pianist, SUETAKA Akemi, with reading of Issa's haiku. In Japanese by the soprano KOJIMA Mihoko and in French by the poet JB. Translation: Seegan Mabesoone

Concert with the soprano and koto and shakuhachi artists; prints by IKEDA Mitsuru.

For details, please click on Evening Programme

For Shiodome Hall web page, click on Page of October 24

2013, October 23.
Office of the Nihon Kajin Club, Tokyo
JB meets with YUHKI Aya, chief editor of The Tanka Journal, and few members of the Society of Tanka Poets of Japan.

Subject of my conference: the tanka world in Quebec since 2007. Followed by a Questions/Answers Period.

2013, October 17.
Gendai Haiku Association, Tokyo
JB gives a talk to the members and friends of the Modern Haiku Association.

Title: Haiku Women Connected through Inner Life… whether from Japan, France or Canada

Communication in English (translated by dorothy howard, 2009 and Maxianne Berger, 2013) followed by a Questions/Answers Period. The talk interpreted in Japanese by KIMURA Toshio, director of International Affairs of the MHA; the Japanese poems selected for the talk read by Abigail Friedman, author of The Haiku Apprentice - Memoirs of writing poetry in Japan who happened to be in Tokyo that same very night.

Afterwards, a group supper in a small izakaya.

To read the presentation on this site, please click section HAIKU then go to the sub-section Presentations.

2013, October 16.
As an observer, JB to attend a kukai session directed by KURODA Momoko, haiku poetess and judge in the annual Haiku contest of Mainichi Daily News.

Change of original programme due to an important typhoon. The submitted haiku were received by Momoko sensei by fax.

I had the honour to spend an afternoon with Momoko sensei in May 2009 while traveling in Kyoto with two colleagues, Micheline Beaudry and Diane Descôteaux.

I thank TANAKA Midori for her translation in Japanese of my haiku submitted to the sensei. I am flattered she mentioned my haiku on her web site.

Here is my haiku:

a striped cat / in the Heian-like garden / a wandering soul

©Janick Belleau, 2013

To thank me for giving her a little bottle of maple syrup, Momoko sensei wrote me a Greeting Haiku: here it is translated from Japanese to English by TANAKA Midori.

crepe / of new buckwheat flour / with maple syrup

©KURODA Momoko, 2013

2013, October 12.
International House of Japan, Tokyo
Within the Festival of International Haiku of the Meguro Circle (October 8-12), organised by KOGANEI Yasuomi, Janick gives a conference: Haiku in French Canada: adapted Japanese-style or somewhat free-style? – The views of four respected haiku poets, and a tentative definition of haiku outside of Japan

To read it on this site, please go to HAIKU then to Présentations.

2013, October 12.
International House of Japan, Tokyo
From Adena Franz from Québec, a talk on her recent experience of Haiku, The Accidental Poet. Within the Festival of International Haiku of the Meguro Circle.

2013, October 8-12.
Tokyo and Kamakura
Festival of International Haiku organised by KOGANEI Yasuomi from the Meguro Circle. For details, please click here International Haiku Festival, Tokyo 2013 . Invited poets and the subject of their présentations.

Travel at our expense.

2011, April 7.
Mother Tongue Books in Ottawa
Invitation to a mostly bilingual reading of Japanese form poetry (haiku, haibun, tanka) dedicated to Japan following the earth quake and the tsunami on March 11 in the North-East.

by Ottawa poets Gillian Foss (launching Fleeting Moments), Mike Montreuil (The Neighbours are talking), Claudia Coutu Radmore (Your hands discover me / Tes mains me découvrent), Terry Ann Carter (guest), featuring Montreal poet Janick Belleau, winner of the Canada-Japan Literary Award 2010, author of D’âmes et d’ailes / of souls and wings.

2011, March 12.
Memoria Alfred Dallaire, 4231 Bd St-Laurent (Mont-Royal subway)
Bilingual tanka readings by members of the Montreal Haiku Group within the Montreal Zen Poetry Festival

Festival Theme: Silence always speaks

Poets: Micheline Beaudry, Janick Belleau, Maxianne Berger, Huguette Ducharme and Monika Thoma-Petit

Entrance: 5 $

Special guest: Jane Hirshfield, poetess and translator

2010, November 19.
Salon du livre de Montréal - Place Bonaventure
Book signing Regards de femmes – haïkus francophones with Janick from 4 to 6:00 pm, Stand 516.

2010, November 18.
Salon du livre à Montréal - Place Bonaventure
Book signing (D'âmes et d'ailes / of souls and wings) with Janick Belleau, Stand 269

2010, 21-23 may.
McGill University, 688 Sherbrooke St, W. Montréal
Haiku Canada Annual Weekend, on the theme of Haiku: past, present, future

Saturday, May 22 from 1 :00 pm to 4 pm, a round table with D. Howard, A. Duhaime, R. de Gruttola, G. Sweede et R. Willmot; JB’s talk: Panorama of Haiku (1998-2009): the vision of Francophone poets and thinkers

For details, go to Haiku ; Presentations section

2010, March 19.
1214 de la Montagne St in Montreal
Médiathèque littéraire Gaëtan Dostie
subway Lucien-L’Allier or Peel / ample parking nearby

15$ upon Reservation of a copy before March 11 or Confirmation of your presence at the launching. Regular: 20$

A Copy for Review for your media is available.

For details on the content, please click on either section: Tanka or Sappho

2009, December 3rd.
Japan National Holiday: reception, by invitation only, of the Consul General of Japan in Montreal, Mr Hiroaki Isobe. Statement commemorating the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor’s Accession to the Throne and the visit in Canada, last July, of Their Majesties the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. Followed by a service of sushi and sake; great opportunity to mingle.

Note: the Japanese National Holiday is usually celebrated on the current Emperor’s birthdate, in this case on December 23rd. However, the birthday being so close to Christmas (December 25), the reception is brought forward.

2009, December 1st.
Opening of Exhibit and Launching of theatre-book « Parmi brume et nuages / into mist and clouds » by Claire Dufresne; plus, launching of Claire Dufresne’ sculpture book « Garden Meditations » with Angela Leuck’s poetry.

For details: Claire Dufresne Web site

2009, August 8.
On the Leamy Lake in Gatineau
During the Haiku North America Conference, JB, Emcee/Organiser of an International Evening of Poetry on a boat of the Ottawa Boat Cruise.

Haiku and Tanka readings in English and in French by poets registered at the Conference.

A plus: Fireworks - the Italian way: Casino of Lake Leamy Sound of Light

2009, August 8.
Ottawa, Library & Archives Canada
Encounter with one of the guest speakers of HNA 2009, Patricia Donegan. We both have a liking for haiku related to love. Dialogue about her book on «Chiyo-ni – Woman Haiku Master» and about Masajo Suzuki. She met the latter in Tokyo through Emiko Miyashita and wrote the Introduction for «Love Haiku – Masajo Suzuki’s Lifetime of Love», haiku translated by Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga (read more in Events – 2007, October 16). Dialogue about my own anthology, L’Érotique poème court / haiku.

Exchange of publications: mine, the above anthology; hers, a sequence of 19 poems entitled « Hot Haiku » which is not available anymore and «Bone Poems» which contains 100 haiku and two longer poems. The first one «Lover’s Wish» is one of the most compelling love poems I ever read in my life… as riveting as Monique Wittig’s poems. I wish I would have written it. Powerful collection.

2009, August 5-9.
10th Biennial Conference of Haiku North America on the theme of « Crosscurrents ». Presentations par big names of international haiku (Patricia Donegan, Emiko Miyashita, Angelee Deodhar, Michael Dylan Welch, Charles Trumbull, Jim Kacian, etc); many countries represented: Japan, India, U.S., England, Ireland and Canada. For details, Haiku North America

2009, June 5-15.
Literary tour: presentations, round tables, Meet the Author evenings, readings, bookstore signings. Main topics: the contribution of women writers to the advancement of Haiku. In Beauvais in Picardy, St-Avé in Brittany, Lyon, St-Clair-du-Rhône and Paris – all regional groups of the French Association of Haiku. JB in the company of regional women authors who have contributed to her anthology, Regards de femmes – haikus francophones.

On the French side,one finds a travelogue (prose & haiku):
Haiku; section Articles; topic GONG 24.

2009, May 29.
Few hours to renew friendship with the poet Hiroko Takahashi and the coeditor, Kazuko Konagai, of the anthology « The Haiku Universe for the 21st Century JAPANESE HAIKU 2008 » published by the Modern Haiku Association, Tokyo.

2009, May 28 .
Kyoto, Enrian Temple
A day with Momoko Kuroda sensei (Haiku Mistress), member of the Association of Haiku Poets and leader of the Aoi Group in Tokyo. Accompanied by Ms Tamami Ueda, poet interpreter, member of Aoi. The encounter takes place in the Mecca for Tanka, the area of the temple connected with Fujiwara no Teika – the XIIth century poet, critic and anthologist. In its treaties, he presents his views on poetry; his influence is undeniable even today.

As sensei, Momoko believes that « a good haiku is one that comes from the heart » and, that « a kigo (season word) is essential as well as a kireji » (cut word).

Warmest thanks to Tamami for serving as an interpreter (from Japanese to English).

Event coordinated by Abigail Friedman, ex-student of Momoko Kuroda, and founder of the bilingual group HaikuQuebec in 2005.

2009, May 26.
Between Kyoto and Nara
Surprise visit to Izumi Shikibu: (976? - ??) – Lady of the Imperial Court. Wrote several erotic waka/tanka and left a diary in which she reveals the loneliness of the ladies in finery.

Although the location surrounding her gravestone looks unfinished, it reigns, there, a real tranquility.

This unique moment was made possible due to « the meeting of our spirits », as Ms Tamami Ueda, poet of tanka and haiku, puts it.

2009, May 25.
Around Kyoto
Car excursion with Mr & Mrs Takashi & Haruko Ishikawa, members of the Association of Japanese Classical Haiku and poets affiliated with the famous « Hototogisu » Magazine, cofounded by the father of modern haiku, Shiki Masaoka in 1897. The group being driven by a guide-interpreter (Japanese-English).

My gratitude goes to Ms Hana Fujimoto, Committee Member of
Haiku_International_Association in Tokyo for the coordination of this event.

2009, May 24.
Kyoto, Ishiyama dera Temple
Visit to honour the memory of Murasaki Shikibu: (973? - 1014?) – Author of the first novel ever written, which has, today still, no equal in Japan. The country celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the publication of « Genji Monogatari », in 2008. Indeed, it is on August 10 of the year 1004 that Lady Murasaki had the vision of her hero and of his life in a room overlooking Lake Biwa. She also left a diary.

Much of the domain, while green, is devoted to the glory of Murasaki (reproduction of the room where her inspiration came one night of full moon) and that of her fictional hero, Prince Genji (souvenir shop and museum containing 54 panels on which are painted scenes of the 54 chapters of this literary monument).

One discovers, walking on the trail, a giant sculpture of Murasaki writing.

2009, May 22 .
Kyoto, Zuishin-in Temple
Meditative visit to Ono no Komachi: (809? - 901?) – Admired poetess and celebrated beauty; legendary old age and end. Her poems are tinged of sensuality and melancholy – less than two dozens, it is believed, have survived. She is among the « Six Poetic Waka Geniuses » ou Rokkasen – being the only woman – mentioned in the foreword of « Kokinshû ».

In the temple, one finds illustrations representing her - young and old; on the domain, one finds her tomb, waka stones (stones on which are engraved some of her poems), a well of beauty.

2009, May 18-29.
In the footsteps of waka/tanka great poetesses (Ono no Komachi, Izumi Shikibu, Murasaki Shikibu) of Ancient Japan; all three are part of the « Thirty-six Poetry Immortals » and of the Anthology 100 Poems by 100 Poets ». Plus, encounters with haiku poets among them Momoko Kuroda (for details, see May 28). In the company of two women poets of Quebec:
Micheline Beaudry, and Diane Descôteaux

2009, May 15 .
Vancouver, UBC
Haiku Canada Annual Weekend Conference from May 15-17. On the theme of « Connections »

Programme: presentations, anonymous haiku workshops, silent auction, ginko (haiku walk), books sale, renga, HC annual general meeting, Betty Drevniok Prizes

JB's Presentation: Haiku Women Connected through Inner Life

Details in Haiku; section Presentations

2009, April 21.
Union française, Montreal
Haiku and Jazz evening.
Three women poets of the Montreal Haiku Group share their travel souvenirs: Micheline Beaudry relives Paris, Janick Belleau, Tokyo and Jeannine Joyal, Montreal, its stairways and alleyways. Haiku interspersed with poetic prose – genre known as haibun.

Performance held at l'Union française

The programme includes the Jazz Trio Stephen Johnston composed of a guitar, a djembe and a (double) bass

2008, October 09-12.
French Association of Haiku’s 3rd International Festival of haiku. JB, initiator and co-organiser with Jeannine Joyal and Patrick Simon, independent owner of the Revue du Tanka francophone and co-partner of the event.

Participating countries: France, Germany, United States, Canada. In the presence of the General Consul of Japan on October 10.

Programme : lectures, conferences, workhops, exhibit, books sale, haiku walks (ginko), launches, performances (piano haiku, slam haiku), AFH General annual meeeting.

2008, May 17.
Ottawa, Carleton University
Haiku Canada Annual Weekend from May 16-18 on the theme of « Northern Lights ».

Programme : presentations, anonymous haiku workshop, silent auction, exhibit, launching, ginko (haiku walk), renga, HC annual general meeting, Betty Drevniok Award.

JB's Presentation: Women’s Writing and Haiku – Thematic Evolution

Details in Haiku; sub-section Presentations

2007, October 16.
Masajo Suzuki’s place, Tokyo
Under the rain, the discovery of Ginza, the most elegant area of Tokyo. Emiko Miyashita and I stopped a few minutes in a shop of old documents to take a serious look at a long handwritten text by poet Issa (1763-1827).

The falling of the day. Speeding up until we see the sign of a red lantern announcing the «Izakaya» (equivalent of the pub in England and tapas bar in Spain) that we seek «Unami» (Waves of April). The sushi bar of the haiku poetess of love, Masajo Suzuki (1906-2003). Her latest book «Love Haiku - Masajo Suzuki’s Lifetime of Love»: a selection of poems that the author wrote, to the man of her life between 1955 and 1998. Translation from Japanese to English by Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga, published by Brooks Books, Decatur, Illinois, 2000. Read more in Events 2009, August 8

Before leaving «Unami», the chef Muneo, grand-son of Masajo, retrieved in a cabinet, two glasses of sake crafted and painted by hand. He offered them to me. I like to believe that Masajo certainly drank, one day or another, in one of these glasses. Kampai!

2007, October 16.
Tokyo, Museum of Haiku Literature
The Museum of Haiku or a journey through time since Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902), the father of Modern Haiku. This Museum: an initiative of the Association of Haiku Poets. Tsunehiko Hoshino, Director of the International Department, opened to Emiko Miyashita and myself, the secret vaults of the Museum.

To be struck, without really knowing why, by a strong emotion while leafing through the first issue of the magazine Hototogisu (1897).

The collection includes also 310 000 magazines, more than 50 000 anthologies and authors’ books and over 565 Saijiki (kigo compilation according to seasons) given by the haiku poets around the world.

We were also privileged enough to visit the exhibition hall of tanzaku (small card on which a vertical haiku is written) and shikishi (small rectangular card with the same purpose).

Museum of Haiku Literature

2007, October 11.
Haiku Music / Japan France Evening during which Akemi SUETAKE concert pianist, is launching her CD «» (Murmurs of the creek) for which I have translated 12 haiku of Issa and Buson from French to English. Also part of the event, Catherine Belkhodja (reading in French), Seegan Mabesoone (interview on Issa) and Dominique Chipot (exhibition of his photographs haiku). After the recital, I have the privilege of chatting with one of the biggest stars of contemporary haiku: Madoka MAYUZUMI (reading in Japanese). This poetess, born in 1965, takes the world of traditional haiku’s breath away with the publication in 1994 of a first book, «Summer on the B-side 2». Indeed, she writes about love, names cities and uses foreign words.

Her inspiration: Hisajo Sugita (1890-1946). The one who has stirred up the contemporary haiku by the erotic content of her poetry. Following the national success of her book, Madoka Mayuzumi publishes a review (1996-2006) devoted to the writing of Japanese women haiku poets. «Monthly Hepburn» - as a tribute to the actress Audrey Hepburn. Today, the poetess is also a journalist. I watched one of her programs on the dietary habits of Basho (1644 - 1694) when traveling on the Tokaido road (road from Tokyo to Kyoto).

2007, October 8-22.
Invited by two national organisations and one university to give 3 presentations on Canadian Women Haiku Pioneers.

Details on this site, section Haiku; sub-section Presentations

2007, August 17.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Web site of Haiku North America

On the theme of « Building Bridges », 50 presentations of haiku poets coming from Japan, England, Canada and the United States.

JB's Presentation: Canadian Haiku Women Pioneers From Sea To Sea (1928-1985)

To read it on this site, please go to Haiku; sub-section Presentations